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  • Lucy Guerlac

    Will you be showing the new film about the great gardener/landscape designer, Piet Oudolf? It’s called Five Seasons, the Gardens of Piet Oudolf.

  • Lucy Guerlac

    Weird contact page. Any chance of bringing it into the 21st century?

  • Lucy Guerlac

    Hi Peter,

    I am the person who interrupted you in a peaceful post movie moment yesterday at Blu Boy. I just want to reiterate my interest on the movie, just released, Five Seasons: the Gardens of Piet Oudolf. There’s a nice WAPO article:–and-the-gardens–of-piet-oudolf/2018/03/19/12637e70-2acd-11e8-8688-e053ba58f1e4_story.html?noredirect=on&utm_term=.25668b35af6c

    And if you google him, you can see images and clips of his spectacular gardens.

    Thanks for considering this, and it was nice to meet you.


    Lucy Guerlac

  • Lucy Guerlac

    I revisited your webpage, and would like to suggest you add a “Send” button at the bottom of the contact form. You just have mysterious check boxes, with a right facing arrow which I take to be a “Send” instruction. Let’s see if you receive my two messages (the first about Piet Oudolf). Thanks.