Oliver Sacks: His Own Life, playing in our virtual theater, explores the life and work of the legendary neurologist and storyteller, as he shares intimate details of his battles with drug addiction, homophobia, and a medical establishment that accepted his work only decades after the fact. Sacks was a fearless explorer of unknown mental worlds who helped redefine our understanding of the brain and mind, the diversity of human experience, and our shared humanity. Directed by Ric Burns. (111 min)

Critics Pick! A deftly edited mix of archival footage, still imagery, talking-head interviews and in-the-moment narrative, “His Own Life” — which in a perfect world would be a companion piece to Sacks’s book, not the substitute some might make it — illuminates details of what can only be called an extraordinary existence. It beautifully presents a portrait of his compassion and bravery. –The New York Times

WHY THE RYDER NEEDS YOUR SUPPORT (Yes, we know, everyone is asking for your support.)

Through the years, The Ryder has been generously supported by local shops and restaurants, many of them purchasing ad space simply because they wanted to support a community magazine. Their support has benefited not just the magazine, but also, indirectly, the Film Series.
When the pandemic struck in March we decided that it was our turn to step up. Rather than suspend publication, we made the decision to publish the magazine electronically without ad revenue. Ads would be run for free. We thought the pandemic would be under control by September and we could then make up for some of the lost funds. Clearly, we were wrong about that. Today, with the end of the pandemic nowhere in sight, we are asking for your support to publish The Ryder into the spring.  Read more

Morgenstern’s Bookstore is hosting an online talk with Bloomington essayist Scott Russell Sanders. The conversation touches on the role of imagination in art, science, social reform, ethics, and everyday life.
Friday, October 2nd @ 5PM LIVE Author Talks This talk with Scott Sanders is inspired by his recently  published work, The Way of Imagination, a 0guide on how imagination can help us navigate turbulent times and find solutions in the face of harrowing environment and social challenges.
Click on these links to listen in on Zoom or Facebook live*