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Slay The Dragon – Now Playing

May 13 - June 2



“The most important political film of the year, and it may prove to be one of the key political films of the decade.” – Owen Gleiberman, Variety

Gerrymandering has been a popular topic recently, and for good reason. Beyond the blatant political interests fueling the practice, gerrymandering has led to an erosion of democracy, a disregard for the voter, and without it various events in the past years would not have been pulled off. Slay the Dragon draws direct connections between this practice and the Flint water crisis, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s removal of collective bargaining for public employees, bathroom bills, racism, and voter ID laws.

We learn about packing and cracking and witness creative redistricting lines full of twists, curves, and squiggles to guarantee a certain majority. But we also experience hope in the form of Katie Fahey, a Michigander who forms the group Voters Not Politicians working to bring a measure onto the state’s ballot to require an independent group—not the legislature—to draw the lines. More than just a David versus (an absurdly huge, rich, powerful, and amoral) Goliath story, Dragon tells the vivid history of how US elections ended up and remain in such perilous, corrupt circumstances. As Fahey and her non-partisan, citizen-led coalition continues to grow at an enormous rate despite facing opposition from all sides, they set their sites on the racially and economically-influenced lines that threaten American democracy as we know it. Directors Barak Goodman and Chris Durrance craft a detailed, maddening, ultimately inspiring look—deftly balancing the facts and maps with the tireless work of people like Fahey to get us to act to ensure that democracy will survive. 2020 /101 minutes

You can watch this film in our new virtual screening room. Virtual ticket prices are set nationally; nevertheless, your local independent theater (in this case, us) will receive 50% of the proceeds which will help us stay afloat until we can once again show films in person.

We are not suggesting that virtual screenings can ever replace the communal experience of watching a film in a theater. But there are certain advantages. Chances are there is plenty of free parking in your driveway. You can take your shoes off. And there’s no gum on the seats. At least we hope not.

When you purchase a ticket to watch a virtual Ryder film you will receive a confirmation in your inbox. Hold on to that email. If you’d like to order dinner, our friends at Bucceto’s will offer Ryder filmgoers a 20% discount. Be sure to let them know when you call in your order that you’ll be using your Ryder discount and show them your ticket confirmation when you pick up dinner. (East Side Restaurant 812 331-1234; West Side Restaurant 812 323-0123) The discount is valid one time only within five days from the date you purchase your ticket.

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May 13
June 2