Diversity & Inclusion at the Jacobs School of Music: inside the new issue of The Ryder

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Conducting Change at Jacobs
The rarified world of classical music has been populated by a predictable cast of white, male, European choreographers and composers. Diversity, equity and inclusion have been little more than an afterthought. The Jacobs School of Music is trying to do something about that.
By Kyle Adams

The Ryder Interview with Jim Manion
Jim Manion has managed and curated the music that we’ve listened to on WFHB since the station went on the air. Twenty-eight years later he is stepping aside.
By Peter LoPilato

Albrecht Dürer at the Eskenazi
From a young age, Albrecht Dürer was Europe’s most highly-sought printmaker, mesmerizing audiences with his intricacy of line and electrifying naturalism. His work is on display at the Eskenazi Museum of Art.
By Leah Marie Chizek

Islands of Resilience at the IU CinemaIn the context of current global threats to cultural and ecological diversity, there are many documentaries made by Western filmmakers about indigenous communities, which, while often valuable, nevertheless treat such people as “other,” as objects of study. The films that comprise Islands of Resilience, screening at the IU Cinema, give center stage to indigenous voices themselves.
By David Stringer

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