Il Buco: May 27-June 5

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May 27, 28; June 3, 4 at 8pm • Sunday, May 29 and Sunday, June 5 at 4pm and 7pm • IU Fine Arts Theater • Purchase Tickets
The extraordinary adventure of the young members of the Piedmont Speleological Group who, having already explored all the caves of Northern Italy, changed course in August 1961 and went South to explore other caves unknown to man, 700 meters below the Earth, in the untouched Calabrian hinterland. The intruders’ venture goes unnoticed by the inhabitants of a small neighboring village, but not by the old shepherd of the Pollino plateau whose solitary life begins to interweave with the group’s journey. Another work of nearly wordless organic beauty that touches on the mystical by Michelangelo Frammartino, the visionary director of Le Quattro Volte; those of you who were lucky enough to see that film when we screened it in 2012 remember the loud, sustained ovation it received. Casting real speleologists, Frammartino meticulously details the exploration of this seemingly fathomless cave of startling wonder and beauty, himself spending hours inside, using cameras with extended fiber optic cables. ( 93 min)

Co-presented by Bloomington Indiana Grotto, a chapter of the National Speleological Society (

Pandemic Protocols: Filmgoers will no longer be asked to wear their masks once they are seated in the theater. However, filmgoers must be vaccinated and should be prepared to show proof of vaccination. Please continue to bring a photo of your vax card. Minors (under 18) have the option of presenting a dated, negative Covid test. Seating will be capped at 35% of capacity.

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