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The Oscar Shorts offer a vision of what the Academy Awards should and could be but very rarely are: eclectic, cosmopolitan, scrappy and surprising.
-A.O. Scott, The New York Times

One of the most entertaining categories at the Academy Awards — and one of the least heralded — is for the Best Short Subject. Beginning Feb 25th, for 4 consecutive weekends, we are screening the 15 Oscar nominees for Best Short Film. As usual, this year’s assortment of Animated, Live Action and Documentary short Oscar contenders is a celebration of intimate, personal storytelling. Every filmmaker leaves his or her fingerprints on the material, making it a rich collection of stories, all of which have something profound to say, whether big and bold or small and modest.

Tickets: Each individual program is $12 but for $25 you can bundle all three into an “Oscar Pass” admitting you to all three programs (on different nights, on different weekends).

Meet the Nominees! Read short, snappy descriptions of the Animation films, the Live Action films and the Documentaries

Your Vote Will Be Counted. At the screenings you can vote for your favorite film (or the film that you think will win the Oscar) – Pick all three winners and you will win two complimentary tickets to another Ryder film. That’s not all: 7 of you will also win Dinner at one of our fine local restaurants.

This year’s Animation program is darker in tone and subject matter than in past years and may not be appropriate for some children. All films are unrated but two of them would probably be rated R and one has images that could disturb, or at least confuse, young children. Some of you will see these films as learning opportunities that will spark interesting conversations around the dinner table. But some will feel uncomfortable with what their children are watching. We’ve offered similar warnings about individual films in the past and have been informed by parents afterwards that we’d overreacted. “My kids have seen far worse in the average superhero movie.” That said, you know your kids better than we do. Parents should feel free to email us ( with questions about the appropriateness of films for younger viewers.

The Oscar Shorts are funded in part by a generous contribution from Dr. Lisa Baker

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Pandemic Protocols: Adult filmgoers must be vaccinated and must show proof of vaccination. Minors (under 18) have the option of presenting a dated, negative Covid test. Filmgoers must wear masks in the theater. Seating will be capped at 50% of capacity.