Four Films this Weekend

We are screening four feature films this weekend: Once Were Brothers, The WhistlersCorpus Christi and The Woman Who Loves Giraffes. You can watch each of these at any time on our site in our new virtual screening room.

For those of you who may have missed our earlier updates, here’s a heads-up: these films are priced at $12. At first glance, this might seem more expensive than a typical Ryder movie. Virtual screening ticket prices are set by the distributor and are the same for every “art house” theater or film program in the country. That said, some of you – perhaps most of you – will be watching the film with at least one other person. Tickets should still average pretty close to $6 per person. Although prices are set nationally, your local independent theater (in this case, us) will receive 50% of the ticket sales which will help us stay afloat until we can once again show films in person.