“What do they want from me now? After all, I am just an actor.” This is a line from Mephisto, the Academy Award winning film about an actor in Nazi Germany who makes a demonic deal to ensure his success on the stage. It also echoes a line often heard around the Ryder offices: “What do they want from me now? After all, I’m just a film programmer.” That said, we’ve entered no such Satanic arrangements. At least not yet. Mephisto opens on Friday. READ MORE

We’re also bringing in a delightful, funny, charming, provocative collection of festival-favorite Gallic shorts. READ MORE


Capital in the 21st Century is based on the international bestseller by rock-star economist Thomas Piketty (which sold over three million copies worldwide and landed Piketty on Time Magazine‘s list of most influential people), this entertaining documentary is an accessible journey through wealth and power, a film that breaks the popular assumption that the accumulation of capital runs hand in hand with social progress. Picketty’s book has been acclaimed as “the most important economics book of the year — and maybe the decade.” – Paul Krugman, The New York Times READ MORE

Independent booksellers are not usually reaping the rewards of capitalism in the 21st century. But their love of books is rewarding in and of itself and besides, they lead rich, interior lives. The Booksellers is also on the virtual screen this week. And there’s a special offer from Caveat Emptor for those who see the film… READ MORE

A White, White Day was Iceland’s nominee for an Academy Award for Best International Feature Film. A psychological thriller from Iceland, A White, White Day will surprise you at every turn. READ MORE

Also on the screen this week – The Wild Goose Lake and Slay The Dragon

Bloomington’s Charlotte Zietlow has some good ideas on how to make city and county government work better. And she writes about them in the current issue of The Ryder magazine. If you haven’t picked up a copy of the April/May Ryder yet, you’re missing out: here it is

We’re still accepting submissions for our upcoming fiction issue. READ MORE