Beginning Jan 1st, single admission tickets will increase to $6. We’ve held off as long as we could — it’s been something like 7-8 years (and possibly more than 10 years) since we last raised our ticket price. Semester passes will stay at $30. Occasionally we bring in a guest speaker with a film; those events might cost a bit more.

Tickets are available 15 minutes before showtime. Semester Passes are available 20 minutes before showtime, and five minutes before single admission tickets go on sale. That’s because we want you to spend five minutes thinking about the value of a Semester Pass. Think about it – you can see 15-17 films for the same cost as five single admission tickets, or for the same cost as three films at the multiplex, or for the same cost as … OK, enough, we’ve made our point. This semester we are also offering a five-film ticket for $20, which is also a pretty good deal.