Where are we?

Ryder films are screened in several venues, each of which has its own peculiar charms.


The IU Fine Arts Theaters are at 1201 East 7th Street, on the north side of Showalter Fountain, next to the IU Auditorium. If you are standing in the middle of the fountain, facing the IU Auditorium, the Fine Arts Building is on your left. The picture above shows the IU Auditorium on the right and the Fine Arts building on the left.

The viewing experience at Fine Arts is similar to that of a traditional theater – reasonably comfortable theater seats on a sloped floor. There are two screening rooms — the downstairs theater seats 250, the smaller, more intimate upstairs theater seats 100. This semester, unless otherwise indicated, we are screening in the upstairs theater.

To reach the screening rooms enter the IU Fine Arts building through the second floor doors off of the circular drive. Look to your left and you’ll see the upstairs Fine Arts theater.

To reach the downstairs theater go to the end of the hall and walk down the stairs. You’ll find the downstairs theater on your right. (see map below)


The Radio & Television Theater (RTV 251) is at 1229 East 7th St on the Indiana University campus, nestled in between the IU Fine Arts Building and the Global & International Studies Building. It is immediately north of Fine Arts and west of Global & International Studies. You’ll see a sign out front — simply walk through the doors, walk up the stairs (or take the elevator to the 2nd floor) and you’ll see us. (see map below)

FINE ARTS and RADIO & TELEVISION ARE NEXT DOOR TO EACH OTHER! Radio & TV is immediately north of Fine Arts and, believe it or not, Fine Arts is immediately south of Radio & TV.



On weekends during Ryder films you can park in the Jordan Avenue lot, more or less across the street from the MAC (lower right, shaded in gray).  Parking is free and you do not need an IU parking sticker. Just to be clear – this is only during Ryder weekend screenings. If you ever should receive a ticket, just let us know and we will get it expunged from your record, along with any other non-Ryder-related misdemeanors that you may have acquired on your journey through life.


Bear’s Place, 1316 E. Third St., (812) 339-3460. For many years we screened films at Bear’s Place on Sunday nights. A Bloomington landmark, at least for those of a certain age and sensibility, Bear’s is closed, indefinitely and possibly forever. And so everything that follows, at least for the time being, is irrelevant.

Bear’s Place is located just west of the corner of Third and Jordan, across from the IU campus. You can order food and drinks at Bear’s Place prior to the movie. Bear’s is all-ages during Ryder films; please note however that you must be 21 to order drinks. The ambiance and conviviality at Bear’s is not unlike that of a European cabaret. There is a small parking lot in back which can be accessed off Jordan Avenue.