Two new films open

We are screening 6 first-run feature films this weekend in our new virtual cinema. Keep an eye on us — don’t let us turn into a virtual multiplex. This is the final week for ONCE WERE BROTHERS and THE WHISTLERS. CORPUS CHRISTI and THE WOMAN WHO LOVES GIRAFFES are both on our calendar for another week. And then there are two new films . . .

The Wild Goose Lake

A gangster on the run — and seeking redemption — meets a woman who’ll risk everything to gain her own freedom, in this noir crime thriller set in the nooks and crannies of densely populated Wuhan in Central China. READ MORE


Every ten years, new county lines are drawn across the USA that determine the fate of the country for the next decade. The rousing Slay the Dragon convincingly makes the argument that this practice has been used for partisan, and possibly illegal, gains since nearly its inception. “The most important political film of the year, and it may prove to be one of the key political films of the decade.” – Owen Gleiberman, Variety READ MORE

50% of the ticket proceeds will eventually make their way back to us. Thanks, as always, for supporting independent film and local cinemas.

Stay safe and be smart.